3684.     WHITMAN, W. G.  Liquid-Fuel Supplies and National Security.  Petrol. Processing, vol. 4, No. 11, 1949, pp. 1222-1232; Petrol. Refiner, vol. 28, No. 11, 1949, pp. 97-107.

        Paper presented at the annual American Petroleum Institute meeting, November 1949.  Five measures are put forward to ensure adequate liquid-fuel supplies for national security.  The 1st is to foster the continuing existence of reserve capacity to produce crude oil in an emergency.  The 2d is to accumulate a reserve of refinery products by stockpiling, but not in such large volume as to offer exorbitant and unnecessary insurance premiums for short-range security.  The 3d suggestion is to import as much oil as can be accepted without serious prejudice to domestic exploratory activity.  The 4th is to develop synthetic liquid fuels by private enterprise, assisted by basic Government research.  The 5th is to develop refinery flexibility to permit higher yields of distilled products and to reduce the output of residual fuels.