3677.     WHEELER, R. V., AND WOOD, W. L.  Pyrolysis of Methane.  Fuel, vol. 7, 1928, pp. 535-539; Chem. Abs., vol. 23, 1929, p. 3212.

        Study of the thermal decomposition of CH4 has been made.  The results obtained agree, in general, with those of Fischer (abs. 954).  C6H6 is formed at 875-1,100, the optimum temperature (for the apparatus used) being about 1,050 with a yield of 0.2 gal. per 1,000 cu. ft.  Quartz, porcelain, and Cu reaction tubes were all without catalytic effect on the decomposition.  With an Fe tube only C and H2 are formed.  Dilution of the CH4 with N2 has little effect on the yield of aromatic hydrocarbons obtained at 1,000, but dilution with H2 rapidly decreases the yields.  The apparatus is described and illustrated.