3658.     WENNER, R. R.  Prediction of Reaction Equilibria.  Chem. Eng. Progress, vol. 45, 1949, pp. 194-207; British Abs., 1949, B, I, p. 546.

        All predictions are ultimately based on heats of formation and reaction, and these are best determined experimentally.  For example, methods of calculation from bond energies are only a substitute for rigid determination.  A number of methods are listed both for these heats and for entropy determination.  The methods are applied to the reaction of C2H4+CO+H2=propionaldehyde.  This, the Oxo reaction, is shown to go virtually to completion at 1 atm.  The industrial use of higher pressures is presumably directed toward faster reaction rates by alteration of surface conditions.  Other reactions discussed.

        WENTZEL, K.  See abs. 2881.