3653.     ---------------.  [WENDER, I., LEVIN, R., AND ORCHIN, M.]  Chemistry of the Oxo and Related Reactions.  II.  Hydrogenation.  Jour. Am. Chem. Soc., vol. 72, 1950, pp. 4375-4378.

        Aldehydes and ketones can be reduced to alcohols by H2 and CO in the presence of a Co catalyst, and the reaction can be applied to the reduction of compounds containing S.  A free radical mechanism is proposed for the hydrogenation.  When olefins are treated with 150-300 atm. of synthesis gas and a Co catalyst at 180-185, alcohols containing 1 C atom more than the olefin are the principal products.  Double bonds in some compounds, when treated under these conditions, are hydrogenated rather than hydroformylated.  (See abs. 3652.)