3651.     WENDER, I., FREIDEL, R. A., AND ORCHIN, M.  Ethanol From Methanol.  Science, vol. 113, 1951, pp. 206-207.

        It has been found that, contrary to the usual order of reactivity of alcohols (tertiary>secondary>primary) MeOH reacts with synthesis gas (CO:H2) more rapidly than secondary alcohols with EtOH as the chief product.  The conversion was achieved by treating the alcohol with synthesis gas at 180-185 in the presence of a Co catalyst such as dicobalt octacarbonyl [Co(CO)4]2.  Pressures of 3,500-5,1000 p.s.i. were employed.  Analysis of the product mixture showed that 76.4% of the MeOH had reacted to a yield a total of 70.3% of products (based on the converted MeOH) of which 38.8% was EtOH.

        WENDER, L., GREENFIELD, H., AND ORCHIN, M.  Chemistry of the Oxo and Related Reactions.  IV.  Reductions in the Aromatic Series.  See abs. 3655.