3639.     WEISS, P., AND FORRER, R. [Magnetic Heat Phenomenon and the Specific Heat of Nickel.]  Compt. rend., vol. 178, 1924, pp. 1347-1351; Chem. Abs., vol. 18, 1924, p. 1941.

        Magnetic heat phenomenon is defined as the reversible emission of heat that accompanies magnetization.  It is here considered as a function of the magnetic field that produces it, leaving to a later date its study as a function of the intensity of magnetization.  The elevation of temperature ∆T as a function of the variation of the field ∆H is given by the magnetic analog of the Clapeyron formula: CHT=T(dσ/dT)H, where CH is the specific heat in a constant field and σ is the specific magnetization.  Data and 2 graphs of ∆T versus H, and 1 graph of CH versus T are given.