3637.     WEISS, ----- AND HAASE, -----.  [Analysis of the Fatty Acids for Soaps Made From Riebeck Paraffin and Fischer Gatsch.]  FIAT Reel R-19, frames 6,533-6,566, May 6, 1940; PB 73,594; TOM Reel 300.

        Fatty acids obtained from the above sources were decomposed into their individual components.  The method, therefore, is described fully.  The content of monocarboxylic acids (straight chain, branched, unsaturated) and their quantitative distribution on the basis of the chain length are determined.  The examination is made by fractional distillation of the methyl esters in vacuum after adsorption on silica gel of all other acids that are not included in the examination.  Results presented in 17 graphs and figs.

        WEISS, B.  See abs. 2234.