3632.     WEINBOTTER, F.  Investigation of the Reaction Water Obtained From Middle-Pressure-Synthesis Experiments With Iron Catalysts and Hydrogenation-Rich Starting Gas.  TOM Reel 101, Doc. PG-21579-NID; transl. of German documents on the Development of Iron Catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, part II, 1946, pp. 24-26.

        Analysis of the saponification fraction of the reaction water boiling below 100 revealed the presence of ketones and the absence of aldehydes.  The % of pure alcohol was calculated and expressed in wt. % as follows:  MeOH, 0.6, EtOH, 3.2, n-PrOH, 1.3, n-BuOH, 0.5.  Analysis of the fraction boiling above 100 showed 1.7 gm. residue of pure fatty acid, or 0.23 wt. % of the total quantity of reaction water examined.  For further identification, the fatty acids were esterified with MeOH in the presence of H2SO4.  The only fraction obtained was 1.8 cc. of methyl acetate.  Methyl formate was not present.  The fatty acid mixture contained approximately 80% by wt. of acetic acid.  The remainder was made up of the higher homologs of the fatty acid series.  Formic acid was not present or at least only in very small traces.  In the original reaction water, fatty acids were present in free form up to approximately 80%.  (See abs. 936.)

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