3631.     WEINGÄRTNER, -----.  [Regeneration of Cobalt Catalysts of the Gasoline Synthesis by Hydrogenation.]  FIAT Reel K25, frames 3,918-3,924, Mar. 21, 1938; PB 70,216.

        On the basis of laboratory tests and working experiences, chemical and physical reactions in hydrogenation are explained.  From that are developed the conditions for hydrogenation in the plant.  It is stated that 1,000 m.3 per hr. for the furnace brings an efficient regeneration and prolongation of the life of the catalyst affected by the paraffin.  An increase of production in furnaces with the hydrogenation and with more than 2,000 working hours is reported.  The disadvantage is that the paraffin is not completely removed and a part is destroyed by catalytic splitting.

        ----------.  See abs. 3270.

        WEINIG, R.  See abs. 1931.