3626.     WEIL, B. H.  Shale Oil and Other Substitutes for Petroleum.  Nat. Petrol. News, vol. 35, No. 31, 1943, p. R-348; U.O.P. Co. Lib. Bull, No. 33, 1943.

        Approximate costs of motor fuels from sources, other than petroleum, are as follows:  Fischer-Tropsch gasoline from coal, $0.18 per gal.; from natural gas, $0.09-$0.12 per gal.; coal-hydrogenation gasoline, $0.16, with the possibility that this will be lowered to $0.12 at some future time; 10% alcohol blend gasoline, $0.10.  This involves alcohol at over $0.40 per gal., and moreover only 10% of the fuel would be a substitute.  These figures represent costs without profit and correspond to about $0.05 per gal. for petroleum gasoline.