3618.     WECK, H. L., MEYERSON, S., AND SEELIG, H. S.  Hydrocarbon Synthesis Catalyst Studies.  Use of Deuterochloric Acid.  Jour. Am. Chem. Soc., vol. 73, 1951, pp. 2331-2333.

        Fe catalysts that have been used in hydrocarbon-synthesis studies liberate H2 and hydrocarbons when dissolved in HCl.  By the use of DCl instead of HCl, it has been proved that these hydrocarbons are derived from Fe2C and the acid and are not adsorbed synthesis products that were liberated when the catalyst dissolved.  From an examination of the methanes formed, it has been concluded that stable Fe alkyls do not exist on the catalyst.  No exchange was observed between the H2 in a sample of n-pentane absorbed on metallic Fe and the D in the acid used to dissolve the Fe.