3609.     ---------------.  [WATANABE, S., MORIKAWA, K., AND IGAWA, S.]  Synthesis of Benzine (Gasoline) From Carbon Monoxide by Catalytic Reduction at Atmospheric Pressure.  III.  Influence of the Gas Velocity.  Jour. Soc. Chem. Ind. (Japan), vol. 38, 1935, B, pp. 70-73; Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 3495.

        Yields of gasoline and water per l. of gas decreased with an increase in gas velocity from 0.82 to 2.46 l. per hr., at a temperature of 197, CO:H2=33.1:64.7 and 1.33 gm. of catalyst (Co:Cu:ThO2=9:1:2).  At velocities up to 1.13 l. per hr., the rate of gas contraction and the yields of H2O, CO2, and gaseous hydrocarbons became constant, whereas the gasoline yield continued to decrease.  The optimum gas velocity, which seemed to depend upon the activity of the catalyst, was found to be 1.1 l. per hr. for 1 gm. of catalyst.  Higher gas velocities resulted in an increased density of the product.  The catalytic reaction was influenced only very slightly by changes in the gas velocity but considerably by temperature changes.  Experimental data are reported with 5 refs.