3605.     WATANABE, S.  (R. C. Grass, ed.)  Bench-Scale Studies of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Over Iron, Nickel, and Nickel-Cobalt Catalysts.  Bureau of Mines Inf. Circ. 7611, 1951, 26 pp.

        Digest of certain phases of Japanese research in the field of synthetic liquid fuel.  The potentialities of Ni as a substitute for Co for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from CO and H2 were investigated.  Extended experiments were carried out to determine the durability of Fe catalysts, to study the yield and quality of the products, and to evaluate Fe catalysts as a potential substitute for Co catalysts in the hydrocarbon synthesis.  The experimental procedure and the operating data are presented in considerable detail.

        WATANABE, S.  Synthesis of Benzine by Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Monoxide at Atmospheric Pressure.  VI.  Consumption of Carbon Monoxide in Passing Through Catalyst Layer.  See abs. 3612.