3602.     ---------------.  [WARNER, T. E.]  Petroleum Substitutes in Canada.  Chem. and Eng. News, vol. 25, 1947, p. 1857.

        Paper presented at the meeting of the Chemical Institute of Canada.  Discusses the processing methods that might be used for the production of petroleum substitutes.  The natural-gas reserve in Alberta is estimated at 1-2.5 trillion cu. ft. enough to last a minimum of 22.8 yr. at the present rate of consumption or 16.1 yr. with a synthesis plant of 5,000 bbl. per day capacity.  There also is enough coal in western Canada to supply a Fischer-Tropsch plant of 30,000 bbl. per day capacity for 2,000 yr.  Coal hydrogenation is considered too expensive a method to be used in Canada unless the equipment could be simplified by the use of higher pressures.  The deposits of tar sands in western Canada containing 350,000,000 bbl. of bitumens would supply a 30,000 bbl. per day hydrogenation plant for 25-30 yr.