3595.     WARD, C. C., SCHWARTZ, F. G., AND ADAMS, N. G.  Composition of Fischer-Tropsch (Cobalt Catalyst) Diesel Fuel.  Ind. Eng. Chem., vol. 43, No. 5, 1951, pp. 1117-1119.

        Sample of diesel fuel prepared by the German modification of the Fischer-Tropsch process, using a Co catalyst, was fractionated and analyzed by use of refractometric and spectrographic methods.  The sample contained about 2% of oxygenated material, which was removed by percolating the sample through silica gel. 80 gal. of the percolate was fractionated at reduced pressure, and 177 0.5% fractions were collected.  The density, refractive-indexes, Br number, and cetane number were determined on each fraction and the infrared spectra on selected fractions.  The approximate composition of the fuel was as follows, in %:  Oxygenated compounds, 2; a-type olefins, 1.5; internal-type olefins, 8.5; paraffins, 88.  Engine tests on several of the fractions indicated ratings higher than cetane, showing the need for a standardized method of rating Diesel fuel components that have a cetane number of more than 100.