3590.     WAGNER, K. H.  Synthetic Fats.  Bib. Sic. Ind. Repts., vol. 7, No. 6, Nov. 7, 1947, pp. 535-536; PB 85,791, 1947, 157 pp.

        This comprehensive report deals essentially with 4 viewpoints:  Production of synthetic fats to be used as food; changes of fats during storage; physiology of the fat metabolism; and synthetic fat in animal experimentation and human pathology.  The starting materials for the production of synthetic fats are the fatty acids, which are obtained from the paraffins of the Fischer-Tropsch process by catalytic oxidation with atm.  O2 subsequently esterified with glycerol.  Data necessary for cost calculations are given.

        WAINWRIGHT, H. W.  See abs. 144a, 3023, 3024, 3025.