3573a.     VON FREDERSDORFF, C. G., AND PYRCIOCH, E. J.  Pressure-Gas Oxygen Coal Gasifier.  Am. Gas Assoc. Monthly, vol. 34, September 1952, pp. 33-35, 46-47.

        Series of some 20 successful runs were made to explore the effects of O2 enrichment, O2:coal ratio and gasification pressure on the gas heating value and conversion efficiency of the continuous, pulverization-pressure gasification process developed at the Institute Gas Technology.  Using a high-volatile C Illinois No. 6-seam bituminous coal containing approximately 8% ash, a range of pressure from 2-5 atm., O2:coal ratios from 0.7-1.0 lb per lb. and O2 concentrations 21-70% were explored.  The gasification results are summarized.  Gases produced varied from a 150 B.t.u. producer gas using 30% O2 concentration to a 240 B.t.u. synthesis gas with 70% O2 concentration.  The gas heating value generally increased by 5 B.t.u. per ft.3 with each atm. increase in gasification pressure.  Gas heating value reached a maximum in the range 0.7-0.85 lb. per O2 per lb. coal.  With a constant steam:coal ratio of 1.0 lb. per lb., the ratio H2:CO varied 0.95-1.4 depending on the O2:coal and O2 concentration used.  Maximum values of steam decomposition of >50% occurred when the O2:coal ratio was approximately 0.9 lb. per lb. The % C gasified increased rapidly with O2:coal ratio and attained values of over 90% at 0.85 lb. O2 per lb. coal.  C gasification increased generally by 4% for each atm. increase in gasification pressure.  The cold gas efficiency increased with both O2:coal ratio and gasification pressure and attained maximum values of nearly 75% based on heating value of the coal.  The O2, coal and steam requirements per 1,000 ft.3 synthesis components (CO+H2) were greatly influenced by both the O2:coal ratio and gasification pressure.  Minimum requirements were as low as 33 lb. steam, 33% coal and 300 ft.3 total O2.  the coal ash removed in the process as dust and slag was as high as 100% of the total ash fed in the coal.  On the basis of $0.06 per 1,000 ft.3 compressed air, $5.00 per ton O2, $4.00 per ton slack coal and allowing $0.30 per 1,000 lb. process self-generated and self-superheated steam, the synthesis gas raw material cost varies 14.5-16.2 cents per 1,000 ft.3 of CO+H2 depending on the amount of O2 enrichment.]

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