3571.     VOIRET, E. G.  [Motor-Fuel Problem in France.]  Chim. et ind., vol. 56, No. 5, 1946, p. 423-428.

Discusses main means by which the motor-fuel requirements of France can be met from internal resources.  By utilization of gas producers, distillation or gasification of lignites, coal and bituminous shales, and manufacture of certain synthetic fuels, at least the vital minimum of motor fuels can be produced from native resources on an economic basis, and probably a large measure of independence of foreign supplies be secured.  It is considered that the synthesis of liquid fuels by the Bergius, Pott-Broche, Fischer, and Mines of Béthune methods is not economically attractive under normal circumstances, but a partial exception is made in favor of the synthesis of MeOH from Fuveau lignites.  The requisite mixture of CO and H2 also may be obtained by processing coke or by converting CH4.

        VOLKOVA, A. A.  See abs. 849.