3567.     ---------------.  [VLUGTER, J. C.]  [Synthetic Detergents, Production of Mersolates in Germany.]  Chem. Weekblad., vol. 45, 1949, pp. 198-199.

        Digest of a paper presented to the Netherlands Chemical Society, July 1948.  3 sources of detergents by way of the Fischer-Tropsch process are mentioned.  The Fischer-Tropsch paraffins b. 320-450 were utilized to produce 40,000 tons of synthetic soap per yr.  The gasol fraction b. 240-320 from the Mersol process produced a capacity of 80,000 ton of mersolate per yr.  The Oxo process by preparation of primary alkylsulfates from C12-C18 olefins gave a possible production of 10,000 tons.  The mersol process is considered the most important source of detergents and, therefore, is described at greater length.