3566.     VLUGTER, J. C.  Manufacture of Mersolate in Germany.  BIOS Final Rept. 1130, February 1947, 29 pp.; PB 75,845.

        Mersolates are sodium alkyl sulfonates and are prepared by reacting a paraffinic-base material (a saturated gas-oil fraction from Fischer-Tropsch products) under influence of light with SO2 and Cl and saponifying the resulting intermediate product, Mersol, by means of NaOH.  A description of the process and the reaction conditions of the sulfochlorination and saponification are given.  Several plant installations are described and translation is made of a report by Dr. Hagge and Dr. Korn on the preparation and saponification of Mersol with recommendations for the design of a Mersolate plant with a capacity of 15,000 tons of active material per yr.