3559.     ZELINSKIĬ, N. D., AND VERESHCHAGIN, L. F.  Chemical Reactions at Superhigh Pressures and High Temperatures.  II.  Reactions of Polymerization of Cyclohexene and Vinylcyclohexene.  Bull. acad. sci. U.R.S.S., Classe sci. chim., 1945, pp. 44-51 (in English, pp. 51-52); U.O.P. Survey Foreign Petroleum Literature Transl. No. 535; Chem. Abs., vol. 40, 1946, p. 5025.

        Reactions of polymerization of cyclohexene, vinylcyclohexene, and unsaturated compounds of synthine under pressures up to 4,000 kg. per cm.2 and at temperatures up to 300, 350, and 360, respectively, were studied.  The polymerization of synthine (n20D 1.3969; boiling up to 150; d20=0.7143; I no. 80.0) leads to the formation of oily products with a gently sloping viscosity-temperature curve.  The oily product obtained in the experiment in which P=4,000 kg. per cm.,2 T=360, and t=3.5 hr. was distilled under vacuum; 2 gm. were obtained, b0.5 150-255.  The viscosity of the oil was slightly less than that of the turbine oil; n21D 1.4836.  It congealed at 40-45.

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