3553.     ---------------.  [VELDE, -----.]  [Oxidation of Paraffin With Nitrous Gases.]  FIAT Reel K-25, frames 003,951-003,952, July 7, 1945; PB 70,216.

        Process was carried out to produce highly molecular waxlike acids, taking care that the chain length of the paraffin hydrocarbons is spared as much as possible.  After further processing, these waxlike acids can be used as substitutes for Montan waxes or I. G. Farbenindustrie waxes and emulsifiers.  The starting material for the production of wax acids (straight-chain fatty acids with C numbers above 18-20) was Ruhr-gasoline hard wax in refined and crude condition.  It is a paraffin mixture of b. p. 400-450 and mol. weight of about 600.  At 100-125, paraffin is subject to the action of nitrosyl sulfuric acid and nitrous gases that are formed by NH3 oxidation.  A product that contains still unaltered starting material is formed.  The pure acid can be separated by a treatment with caustic alkali solution and extraction with gasoline.