3552.     VELDE, -----.  [Gasoline Synthesis According to Fischer-Tropsch Ruhrchemie Middle-Pressure Process.]  FIAT Reel K-25, frames 003,957-003,978, Mar. 15, 1938; PB 70,216.

        Survey of gasoline synthesis and calculation of the operating and installation costs for the 2-stage pressure method.  (Several papers of the same content, FIAT Reel K-25, frames 3,974-3,978, contain the English translation of FIAT Reel K-25, frames 3,966-3,970).  The synthesis gas (CO:H2=1:2) is carried over Co catalysts at 175-200 C. and raised pressure.  The products are:  30% gasolinelike hydrocarbons, 30% Diesel oil, and 40% paraffinlike hydrocarbons that can be converted into gasol under weak thermal treatment with 80% yield.