3550.     VAN VOORTHUIJSEN, J. J. B. VAN E.  Isomerization Equilibria of the Butanes, Pentanes, Hexanes, and Heptanes.  Rec. trav. chim., vol. 66, 1947, pp. 322-334 (in English); Chem. Abs., vol. 42, 1948, p. 439.

        Isomerization equilibria for the butanes were determined by passing C4H10 and HCl over AlCl3 (on Norit CC) at 100, 150, and 200.  For the higher alkanes the determination was made in an autoclave:  100 gm. hydrocarbons, 5-10 gm AlCl3 (sublimed through active C at 250), HCl, and H2 were heated for 24 hr. as high as 80.  The products were analyzed by fractionation.  Neopentane, neoheptane, 3, 3-dimethylpentane, and 3-ethylpentane were not produced under these conditions, and neoheptane failed to isomerize.  The results for the heptanes deviated considerably from the thermodynamic predictions.