3548.     ---------------.  [VAN ITTERBEEK, A., AND VAN DINGENEN, W.]  [Formation of Methane in Connection With the Activated Adsorption of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide by Nickel and by Copper.]  Physica, vol. 8, 1941, pp. 810-824; Chem. Abs., vol. 36, 1942, p. 6062.

        CH4 forms when H2 and CO are adsorbed on Ni.  Cu acts in the same way when activated by a trace of Th.  It was found that Ni shows 2 temperatures, 165 and 300, at which the ratio of H2:CO adsorbed is 3:1, correct ratio for CH4 formation and, also 2 temperatures, 125 and 370, at which the ratio is 2:1, correct ratio for benzene formation.  At these exact temperatures, the reaction rate showed sharp maxima.  The reaction product at 200-300 was found to be nearly pure CH4, but, at 165 and 400, heavier products also occurred, which contained benzene.  The same type of behavior was found for Cu; the best temperature range for CH4 formation is 250-525.

        VAN LOON, W.  See abs. 677.