3547.     VAN ITTERBEEK, A., AND VAN DINGENEN, W.  [Catalytic Action of Nickel and Copper-Thorium in the Formation of Methane and Heavy Gases.]  Ztschr. physik. Chem., vol. 50, B, 1941, pp. 341-360; Chem. Abs., vol. 37, 1943, p. 1917.

        Adsorption of H2-CO mixtures by Ni foil was determined at low pressure, less than 2 mm. Hg. and over a wide temperature range.  At 167 and 329, H2 and CO are adsorbed in the ratio 3:1, corresponding to CH4 formation, and at 125 and 378, they are adsorbed in the ratio 2:1, corresponding to higher paraffin formation.  The reaction rates also show maximum at these temperatures.  Cu adsorbs H2 and to a smaller extent CO only if it contains traces of Th.  At 250 and 325, H2 and CO are adsorbed in the ratio 3:1.  Similar experiments with D are described.