3546.     ---------------.  [VAN ITTERBEEK, A.]  [Prospects of the Problem of Synthetic Oils in Belgium.]  Techn. Wetenschap. Tijdschr., vol. 11, 1942, pp. 37-44; Chem. Zentralb., 1942, I, p. 2955; Chem. Abs., vol. 37, 1943, p. 3586.

        Discussion of future possibilities of oil synthesis in Belgium includes a review of synthetic oils, Bergius and Fischer-Tropsch processes, catalysis as the basis of the oil synthesis, relationships between catalysts and adsorption, recent determinations of adsorption at extremely low pressures and extremely pure adsorbing surfaces of Ni, Cu, and Cu activated with ThO2 (carried out in the Laboratory of Natural History at Louvain), comparison of the results obtained with the velocity of reaction of the gas mixture CO-H2, discussion of the regions of reaction for CH4 and heavy oils with the aid of so-called stoichiometric points, and practical importance of the empirical determination of the properties of catalysts with the aid of adsorption measurements.