3533.     ---------------.  [UNITED STATES NAVAL TECHNICAL MISSION TO JAPAN.]  Report on Miike Synthetic oil Co., Omuta, Kyushu.  X-38 (N)-7, encl. (G), 1946, pp. 283-305; PB 58,701.

        Miike plant was constructed in 1936-40.  It utilizes the conventional low-pressure Fischer-Tropsch process with Co-ThO2 catalyst.  Synthesis gas (H2:CO=2:1) is obtained by blending water gas and reformed coke-oven gas.  The process is licensed by Ruhrchemie and most equipment was constructed by Koppers.  Plant capacity was rated at 30,000 tons of product per yr., but actual production during the peak year 1943 was only 16,000 tons.  This primarily was due to decreased production of synthesis gas from the high-S, low-melting-point-ash Miike coal and to the low yield of oil per unit of synthesis gas because of low catalyst activity.  Details on the history, organization, process flowsheets, plant layout, product quality, and output are presented.  Fuels Act covering calendar year 1945.  A progress re-

        Synthetic Liquid Fuels in the United States.  Rept. on the Synthetic Liquid Fuels Act, 1945, 44 pp.; Fuel, vol. 25, 1946, pp. 134-137.

        Comprehensive summary of the Report of the United States Secretary of the Interior on the Synthetic Liquid Fuels Act covering calendar year 1945.  A progress report on the investigations already made in the fields of coal hydrogenation, liquid fuels from water gas by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, synthesis-gas production, oil-shale research, and the production of fuels from agricultural residues.