3532.     ---------------.  [UNITED STATES NAVAL TECHNICAL MISSION TO JAPAN.]  Research Activities of the Imperial Fuel Research Institute, Kawagushi.  VII.  Fischer-Tropsch Process.  X-38 (N)-7, encl. (E), 1946, pp. 258-262; PB 58,701.

        Key man in the organization was S. Tsutsumi, 1933-39.  The plant ceased operation in 1940 when the plant at Miike was begun.  The plant never attained more than 30% of design capacity, which was 200 kg. of total crude-oil product daily.  Failure was due to poor catalysts and to faulty and cumbersome converter design.  Only Ni catalysts were used, and the one giving the best results had the approximate weight composition Ni:Co:Cr:kieselguhr=40:10:7.5:50.

        It was prepared by precipitation from the nitrates and reduced at atmospheric pressure with H2.  Flowsheet of the plant is shown.