3531.     ---------------.  [UNITED STATES NAVAL TECHNICAL MISSION TO JAPAN.]  Report on Research on the Fischer-Tropsch Process at Kyoto Imperial University.  X-38 (N)-7, encl. (D), 1946, pp. 227-248; PB 58,701.

        Summarizes technical information pertaining to research on the Fischer-Tropsch process by Prof. G. Kita and staff at the Kyoto Imperial University.  Serves only to outline the scope of the work and to present certain significant points covered in the interviews with Prof. Kita, Prof. S. Kodama, and Prof. K. Tarama.  The report deals briefly with the history of the work, normal and middle pressure catalyst studies, and catalyst preparation and presents a list of papers, published for the greater part in the Journal of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, and a list of about 20 Japanese patents relating to the Fischer-Tropsch process.