3522.     ---------------.  [UNITED STATES ARMY ENGINEER CORPS.]  Survey of Western Kentucky, Northwestern Colorado, and Southeastern Texas for Areas Suitable for Synthetic Liquid Fuel Plants.  Summary of Report to Bureau of Mines, December 1948.

        Sample surveys of 4 States have indicated that they alone have enough coal, shale, and natural gas to produce 9,000,000-10,000,000-bbl. of synthetic liquid fuels for 40 yr.  Western Kentucky has coal reserves of 16,768 million tons or enough to meet the requirements of either 138 10,000-bbl-per-day synthine plants or 164 hydrogenation plants of the same size.  Water supplies are adequate, and the area is favorably situated with respect to markets.  Northwestern Colorado has coal reserves yielding 25 gal. or more per ton of easily minable coal, which will support 105 10,000-bbl-per-day synthine plants for 40 yr., together with available coal reserves adequate to supply 279 synthine plants or 336 hydrogenation plants.  Water supplies available by 1963 for all new uses would limit the synthetic-fuel capacity to 1,050,000 bbl. per day from shale, plus 510,000-840,000 bbl. per day from coal, depending on the process used.  Southeastern Texas has an estimated 9.5 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas, enough to support 15 10,000-bbl.-per-day synthine plants for 20 yr.  Its availability, however, depends on economic and conservation considerations, which could very definitely limit the consumption.