3521.     UNITED STATES ARMY ENGINEER CORPS.  Survey of Southeastern Montana for Areas Suitable for Synthetic Liquid Fuel Plants.  Summary of Report to Bureau of Mines, December 1948, 4 pp.

        Survey showed that there are enough minable coal reserves and water supplies to support some 362 10,000-bbl.-per-day plants for a 40-yr. period, and there is enough low-cost strip coal to operate 15 such plants for 20 yr.  The North Central States would be the nearest and most logical potential market area for any liquid fuels produced.  The comparative costs of liquid fuel, not including processing, based on the gas-synthesis process and on the most desirable and largest area, are calculated at $1.80-$2.37 per bbl.  The mining cost alone is calculated at $2.77-$3.28 per ton of coal.