3511.     TYLER, F.  Magnetization-Temperature Curves of Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel.  Phil. Mag., vol. 11, No. 7, 1931, pp. 596-602; Chem. Abs., vol. 25, 1931, p. 2609.

        Curves for σ/σo against T/θ are almost identical for Fe, Co, and Ni.  They are definitely incompatible with the classical curve and with quantum curves for j greater than, or equal to, 1.  There is close agreement when j=1/2.  The electron spin is to be regarded as the fundamental magnetic element operative for Ni, Fe, and Co.  The value of j=1/2 means that electron spins are independent and that there is a tan h distribution.  The electrons are not free but associated with ions as in Heisenberg’s theory.