3510.     TWIGG, G. H., AND RIDEAL, E. K.  Chemisorption of Olefins on Nickel.  Trans. Faraday Soc., vol. 36, 1940, pp. 533-537; Chem. Abs., vol. 34, 1940, p. 4634.

        Calculations were made that show that the previous view regarding the mode of adsorption is possible with very little distortion of the adsorbed molecule; namely, that olefins are chemisorbed on Ni with opening of the double bonds and adsorption on 2 Ni atoms.  The Interatomic spacing of the catalyst atoms is the important factor where 2-point contact is required in adsorption.  There is little interaction between neighboring adsorbed ethylene molecules; for the higher olefins, however, the interaction is considerable, and these molecules cannot cover the whole surface.