3508.     TUTTLE, R. B.  Two New Coal-to-Oil Plants Are Demonstrated by Mines Bureau.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 48, No. 1, 1949, pp. 58, 159.

        Brief description of plants and operation of the coal-hydrogenation and the gas-synthesis units recently dedicated at Louisiana, Mo.  The first is designed to operate at a pressure of 10,300 p.s.i. and temperature of 600°-900° F. and produce 200-300 bbl. of products per day.  The actual production capacity is dependent on the coal and catalyst used.  The gas synthesis unit is a designed modification of the Fischer-Tropsch process, and has a nominal rating of 80-100 bbl. of product per day, comprising 5-10 bbl. of propane, 55 bbl. gasoline, 10 bbl. diesel fuel, and 12 bbl. heavy oils and waxes.  Two new-type Bureau-developed converters are to be used for the conversion of gas to liquid fuels.  Each has a different cooling system:  The first unit is cooled by circulating oil through a fixed bed of granular catalysts, the 2d by passing the gas through a rapidly circulating slurry of coolant oil and powdered catalyst.  O2 for processing operations is produced by a Linde-Fränkl generator at temperatures of more than 300° F. below 0°.  The synthesis gas is produced by O2 steam gasification of pulverized coal at a temperature of 2,000° F. or more.