3501.     TURKEVICH, J., SCHESSLER, D. O., AND IRSA, A. P.  Study of the Interaction of Ethylene and Deuterium.  Nuclear Sci. Abs. 4, No. 19, Oct. 15, 1950, p. 842.

        Interaction of C2H4 and D2 can take place by addition or exchange.  These reactions are studied by mass spectrographic analysis of the various deutero-ethylenes and deutero-ethanes and the H2-D2 gas during the catalytic conversion of ethylene into ethanes.  The results obtained for the interaction of ethylene with 2 vol. D2 on a Ni wire at 90 C. show that exchange is more rapid than addition, and that the concentration of light ethylene decreases exponentially, but that of the substituted ethylene goes through a maximum before it finally reaches O.  A surprising result is the discovery of completely light ethane from the reaction of ethylene and D2.  These results suggest that the ethylene hydrogenation is effected by the H2 that as previously on other ethylene, and only indirectly by the H2 mol.  The point is being further investigated, and the mechanism formulation is being reserved until the kinetic investigations are completed.

        TURNER, G.  See abs. 329.