3498.     TSYSKOVSKII, V.  [Synthesis of Fatty Acids From Fractions of Petrolatum.]  Jour. Appl. Chem. (U. S. S. R.), vol. 19, 1946, pp. 428-434; U.O.P. Co. Survey Foreign Petroleum Literature Transl. 655, 1946, 7 pp.

        Previous attempts to use petrolatum as a raw material for oxidation to acids to be used for the manufacture of greases were unsatisfactory because of the unsuitability of the molecular weights of a substantial proportion of the charging stock and its contents of isoparaffins.  Conditions of distillation were found during which isoparaffins contained in petrolatum are for the most part broken down into straight-chain paraffins.  Fractions of the material amounting to 70% can then be oxidized to obtain acids of molecular weight not exceeding 322, which are quite suitable for the preparation of calcium-base greases.

        TUR, E. V.  See abs. 2709.