3495.     ---------------.  [TSUTSUMI, S.]  Fischer Process -- Japan.  Jour. Fuel Soc. Japan, vol. 18, 1939, p. a7.

        Work at the Imperial Fuel Research Institute is reported on Ni and Ni-Co catalysts promoted by Cr oxide.  Cr oxide was found to be a superior promoter both for Ni and Ni-Co catalysts, and 175 cc. per m.3 of gasoline was obtained with a Ni-Co-Cr-kieselguhr (80:20:7.5:100) catalyst.  The activity of Ni-Cr catalyst for the synthesis was larger than that of Ni-Al catalysts, but in the case of the hydrogenation of benzene, a quite contrary relation was obtained, this being attributed to the change of the active surface of the catalyst according to the addition of promoter and carrier.  Synthesis experiment under pressure showed that synthesis of pure liquid hydrocarbons, containing no O, was possible even under a high pressure of about 50 atm., this being quite contrary to the results obtained by F. Fischer and collaborators.  Yield of gasoline up to 125 cc. per m.3 was obtained with a Co-ThO2-kieselguhr (100:15:100) catalyst under 40 atm.