3493.     ---------------.  [TSUTSUMI, S.]  Catalysts for the Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbons From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.  VIII.  Changes on the Catalyst Surface Caused by the Addition of Promoter and Carrier.  Sci. Papers Inst. Phys. Chem. Research (Tokyo), vol. 36, 1939, pp. 335-343; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 9103.

        Tests of Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-kieselguhr catalysts showed the optimum ratios of Cr and kieselguhr to Ni to be 7.5% and 50% respectively.  A Ni-7.5% Cr-50% kieselguhr catalyst (Ni 7.5%, Cr 50%) was more active than a Ni-10% Al2O3-100% kieselguhr catalyst for the reaction of CO and H2.  For the hydrogenation of benzene, the activity varied in the opposite order.  In the Ni-kieselguhr catalyst, the optimum ratio of kieselguhr to Ni was 1:2 for the CO-H2 reaction and 50:1 for the hydrogenation of benzene.  It was suggested that the action of the promoter does not differ greatly from that of the carrier, although a larger amount of the carrier is needed to prevent sintering during reduction of the catalyst.