3490.     ---------------.  [TSUTSUMI, S.]  Catalysts for the Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbons From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.  V.  Selection of Catalysts for the Synthesis.  (1).  Sci. Papers Inst. Phys. Chem. Research (Tokyo), vol. 36, 1939, pp. 178-182; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 8034.

        Ni catalysts containing 10% of various oxides were prepared by roasting the nitrates and reducing Ni in H2 at temperatures 300-700.  Their activities in the hydrogenation of C6H6 at 190 were compared.  The loss of activity resulting from elevation of the reduction temperature was least for Ni-Al2O3, followed by Ni-ThO2, Ni-SiO2, and Ni-MgO.  The loss for Ni-CuO, Ni-Fe2O3 and Ni-ZnO was less than for a Ni catalyst at 300-550, but greater at 550-600.  Ni-MnO and Ni-CaO lost their activity rapidly as the reduction temperature increased.  The activities of the Ni-metallic oxide catalysts for the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons from CO and H2 were only 20% of that of Ni-10% Al2O3 catalyst at 210.