3484.     ---------------.  [TSUTSUMI, S.]  Researches on the Synthesis of Gasoline From Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen at the Imperial Fuel Research Institute.  Jour. Fuel Soc. Japan, vol. 16, 1937, pp. 481-496 (in English, pp. 55-60); Chem. Abs,. vol. 31, 1937, p. 6857.

        Many experiments were carried out with Ni and Co catalysts.  The activity of a Ni and Co catalyst is increased enormously by adding a small amount of irreducible oxides, such as oxides of Al, Mn, Cr, U, and Th.  The promoting action of these catalysts mainly is due to their preventing the sintering of the reduced Ni and Co at the higher reduction temperature.  A number of synthetic experiments under pressure also were carried out.  One of the factors accelerating the formation of solid paraffin was due mainly to the elevation of the catalyst temperature by the heat of reaction as well as the increase of added amount of the oxides of U and Th to Ni and Co catalysts.