3476.     ---------------.  [TSUTSUMI, S.]  Promoting Action of Promoters and Carriers.  VI.  Relation Between the Dispersity of Catalysts and the Catalytic Activity.  Jour. Chem. Soc. Japan, vol. 59, 1938, pp. 1407-1411; Chem. Abs., vol. 33, 1939, p. 2290.

In the catalytic reduction of C6H6 the catalyst prepared by the following method is most effective.  To the solution of Co(NO3)2, a slight excess of K2CO3 is added.  The precipitate is dried at 200, mixed with kieselguhr and H2O in a mortar, and dried at 100.  The ratio of Co to kieselguhr is 1:40.  This method of preparation can be applied to the catalyst having the composition (4 Ni+Co)+ 7.5% Cr in the synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons from CO and H2.