3461.     ---------------.  [TROPSCH, H., AND SCHELLENBERG, A.]  [Decomposition of Methanol by Iron, Tin, and Aluminum.]  Ges. Abhandl. Kenntnis Kohle, vol. 7, 1925, pp. 13-14; Chem. Zentralb., 1926, I, p. 3298; Chem. Abs., vol. 21, 1927, p. 3530.

        MeOH vapor was conducted over the metal heated and spread out with a combustion tube.  At 520, C was deposited on the Fe, decomposition of the MeOH to a gas containing 4-7% CO2, 20-25% CO, 55-60% H2, and 3-12% CH4 occurring.  The small quantity of condensate was neutral and contained HCHO.  With tinned Fe, the decomposition of MeOH followed the same course but was only slight.  With Al at 520, the gas contained 5% CO2, 23% CO, 60% H2, and 4% CH4, and, at 270, it contained 2% CO2, 5% CO, 52% H2, and 30% CH4.  In a receiver cooled with liquid air, a reaction product containing Al, probably AlMe3 condensed.