3446.    TROPSCH, H.  [Synthesis and Decomposition of Formates.]  Ann. chim. phys., vol. 15, No. 9, 1921, pp. 42-60.

        Investigation of CaO as a catalyst for reactions in water gas mixtures was extended, and a study was made of the synthesis and decomposition of formates.  As regards the mechanism of CH4 synthesis, it is assumed that at temperatures below the decomposition of CaCO3 (900) water gas reacts with CaO to give calcium formate.  CaO+2 CO+H2O=Ca(CHO2)2.  The formate in the presence of an excess of lime then reacts to give CH4 and CaCO3.  2 Ca(CHO2)2+CaO=3 CaCO3+CH4.