3435.    ---------------.  [TRAVERS, A.]  [Methods of Increasing the Yield of Gasoline From Crude Petroleum.  Substitute for Gasoline.]  Rev. ind. minerįle, vol. 15, No. 353, 1935, pp. 403-428; Glückauf, vol. 71, 1935, pp. 1277-1280; Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 8304.

        Nature of detrimental secondary reactions in the synthesis of MeOH from CO and H2 is discussed together with the requirements of various catalysts.  The energy consumption is about 1.8 kw.-hr. per kg. of pure MeOH.  Theoretically, it is possible to form synthetic hydrocarbons representing 75-80% of the calorific value of water gas.