3432b.    ---------------.  [TRAMM, H.]  [Industrial and Economic Possibilities of Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenation.]  Chem.-Ing.-Tech., vol. 24, 1952, pp. 237-247; Bureau of Mines Transl. K-34, 1952.

         Recent developments of the Fischer-Tropsch process with fixed bed catalysts are presented.  The report is limited to work done by the Ruhrchemie-Lurgi partnership.  Great improvements in yield and quality of products and in gas-synthesis plant design have resulted from the development of high-activity catalysts and from the solution of important problems in reaction kinetics and heat transfer inside the reactors.  As a result, the economic prospects of the process appear favorable for operation under German conditions.  American prospects are discussed.  The production of synthetic lubricants from the synthesis products is discussed in detail.