3427.     ---------------.  [TRAMBOUZE, Y., AND PERRIN, M.]  [Influence of the State of Combination of the Constituents of Nickel Catalysts on Their Activity in the Fischer-Synthesis.]  Compt. rend., vol. 228, 1949, pp. 1015-1017.

        Ratio of uncombined Ni to that present as the hydroaluminate is a determining factor in the activity of the silicate is unfavorable to this activity.  On the other hand, the more Ni there is combined in forms susceptible of easy reduction at 450, oxides, carbonates, aluminate, the less is the hydrogenating activity.  It is logical to admit that each compounds of Ni put to use exerts its catalytic activity in a given direction, since it possesses a crystalline structure favorable to such a reactive process at the interface.