3426.     TRAMBOUZE, Y., AND PERRIN, M.  [The Effect of Preheating During the Course of Thermal Reduction of Nickel Catalysts on the Yield in the Fischer Synthesis.]  Compt. rend., vol. 228, 1949, pp. 837-839; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1949, p. 8831.

        It is clear that preheating clearly improved the activity of the 2 catalysts studied, the yield of hydrocarbons being tripled in the 1st case and doubled in the 2d. The % of reagents consumed is likewise maintained at a higher rate for a longer period.  Furthermore, the active life of the catalyst is prolonged before poisoning takes place.  It is established also that preheating not only raises the activity of the catalyst, which ordinarily is only medium, but also makes it superior to that of all catalysts not preheated.  All these advantages result evidently from modifications occurring during the preheating. This is being investigated.