3419.     ---------------.  [TOWNSEND, D. T. A.]  Recent Developments in Gasification.  Gas Times, vol. 52, 1947, pp. 416-418; vol. 53, 1947, p. 33-34, 37, 38.

        William Young Memorial Lecture discusses the 2 main methods of producing gaseous fuels -- carbonization and gasification.  In the latter connection the discussion is confined mainly to the use of O2=steam blasts, the typical processes being the Lurgi pressure process, the Winkler boiling bed at atmospheric pressure, and the Leuna-type and Thyssen-Galocsy slagging producers operating at high temperatures with removal of the ash as slag.  Some reference also is made to the Pintsch-Hillebrand and the Bubiag-Didier process, the Imperial Chemical Industries fluidized gas generator, and the Koppers powdered-fuel gasification process.

        TRAEGER, B.  See abs. 2693.