3417.     TOTZEK, F. Communication to the Power Commission, June 12, 1942.  TOM Reel 238; Bureau of Mines transl. T-489, 1950, 20 pp.

        Report on the complete gasification of powdered coal by the Koppers-Totzek process operating under fluidized conditions with the help of O2 and steam.  Experiments are described using both powdered lignite and bituminous coal for the production of synthesis gas.  The results were particularly favorable.  Using lignite, a gas of the following composition was obtained:  CO2, 14; CO, 35; H2, 50; N2, 1%; CO+H2 concentration 85%.  Gas yield was 1.9 m.3 per kg. of raw coal corresponding to an ideal gas yield of 1.62 N m.3  O2 consumption per kg. of coal was 1,304 N m.3 corresponding to 0.16 N m.3 per N m.3 synthesis gas or 0.188 N m.3 per N m.3 ideal gas.  The computed production cost of the synthesis gas was 1.32 pfg. per N m.3  With bituminous coal, the gas had the composition:  CO2, 11; CO, 54; H2, 34; N2, 1%, CO+H2 concentration 88%.  Gas yield was 2.1 N m.3 per kg. coal, corresponding to an ideal gas yield of 1.85 N m.3  O2 consumption amounted to 0.525 N m.3, corresponding to 0.25 N m.3 per N m.3 of synthesis gas or 0.284 N m.3 per N m.3 ideal gas.  The cost was 1.72 pfg. per N m.3 synthesis gas.  Similar calculations are made for the production of fuel gas from lignite char, lignite, and bituminous coal but without the use of O2.